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My Personal Mission as a Musician and Songwriter

"For many years, I have been guided in my work as a songwriter advocate and community arts activist by the belief that music is the most powerful tool available to build community across individual differences and provide expression for people's unique personal experiences. Good songs lead to emotional movement in the writer and listener. They don't stop where the song ends, but give meaning to others, and often join people together across individual differences. From retreats at Woodsong and Seasong that I began in 2000, to spearheading songwriting activities in the International Bluegrass Music Association in 2006 - 2014, to my current non-profit organization, I have enjoyed the challenge of finding ways to to empower people to write songs and find ways to use music to join people together.

Most recently, I founded the 501c-3 nonprofit, ScreenDoor Songwriter Alliance, the mission of which is to create intimate listening venues for songwriters, create musical projects that build community, and create educational programs  in high risk populations such as foster kids and seniors.  

As songwriters, our most important tool is not rhyme or meter, but empathy - with oneself and others. This is the same tool that allows us to come together and build community across lines of individual differences." --Louisa Branscomb

Music and Mission

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